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Liquid Filled Calcium 1200 mg (Plus Vitamin D) (Expire Date : 30/03/2022)

120 Rapid Release Softgels


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Combo set
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Why Choose Nature’s Bounty ®:

Liquid Form

More absorbable than typical calcium supplements.

With Vitamin D

Promotes the absorption of calcium.

High Concentration

Each softgel contains 600 mg of calcium and 500IU of vitamin D.

Main Functions:

·  Targeted to make up for the calcium deficiency common among Hong Kong residents

·  Helps to improve bone density

·  Essential element for children’s bone and teeth development

·  Improves discomforts such as back pain, leg pain, and cramping

·  Relieves discomforts for women during menstruation such as puffiness and pain

Recommended / Suitable For:

·  Calcium deficiency

·  Sleeping problems

·  Back muscle aches/soreness

·  Menstrual discomforts

·  Tendency to cramp

·  Pregnancy

·  Elderly

Active ingredients:

Amount Per Serving (2 softgel): Calcium 1,200 mg and Vitamin D 25 mcg (1,000 IU).


/ For those above the age of 12, pregnant and breastfeeding women, take 2 softgels daily, preferably with meals.

Each bottle contains︰ 120 softgels